Friday, November 20, 2009

Nocito to screen at Cinema des Cineastes - Paris - Nov 22 2009

Nocito will be screening on Sunday November 22nd 2009 at Cinema des Cineastes, as part of Le week-end du courts, a weekly weekend screening of short films that occurs over the next 5 months at this wonderful Parisian cinema at Place Clichy, Paris. The screenings will start from midday with four quality short films on offer. What makes this event even more wonderful is that the cinema shares with the four filmmakers who present their films 30% of the box office!!! Yes!! Can you believe that? SHARES their box office with the filmmakers! What a wonderful incentive to show your short films and a innovative way to promote your short film!! I just wish the cinemas in Australia were as culturally advanced as the French, especially when it comes to cinema. Unfortunately, they aren't.

Industry bodies, funding bodies and all the rest like to think they are ahead of the game but they aren't, they just cant keep up with the more advanced film cultures of France and Europe. Perhaps they are too busy having champagne cocktail nights and giving that rare thing called 'funding' to the same filmmakers over and over again. Boring! Unless innovative thinkers come on board and industry bodies actually LISTEN and SUPPORT filmmakers - and I am not talking just your standard, "Big-Budget", well-known kind of filmmakers, but the small independent filmmakers with strong stories (who might actually have a voice in Australian cinema), THEN maybe, just maybe the state Australian cinema might change.

And part of that is independent cinema. They are dying in Australia, and apart from the thousands of short film festivals on offer, all offering the same kind of fare, its wonderful to see that short film culture is very much alive here in Paris, France.
Thankyou Cinema des Cineastes.

Take note Australia!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nocito rated in Top 10 Films of the year 2008

Renowned and respected Melbourne Independant filmmaker, Bill Mousoulis has rated Nocito in his Top 10 films of 2008. To be quite honest I was gobsmacked. I feel very privileged and honored that he would list Nocito here. At the same time he also listed Kissing Paris in his Top 10.
Click to the link on the FB page to see the rest of his Top 10.

Humbly grateful,

Photos of Nocito

Here are some wonderful photos of Nocito. If you ever get a chance to visit this little village in Spain, just over the Pyrenees (between Spain and France) then please do.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nocito Film Trailer

Here is the Film trailer to Nocito. The music featured is from Melbourne band Lamplight, the track, a beautiful track called "Amour".

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new style of Filmmaking for me

I am slowly putting the finishing touches on a short film which I shot in Paris, France, and Nocito, Spain over July/August of this year. What is very interesting about the film is that I shot it with only a semblance of a story in mind. I had no script, or any idea how how this film would turn out. I just kept shooting and shooting. I used no tripod, or artificial lighting. I found an unlikely actor in Patrice, who is not a professional actor - what you would call a non-actor. He had no idea what I was doing, I simply told him to do this and that. As I began to film more and more the story started to develop...a little.
I was so inspired by the imagery of Spain around me that I couldn't put the camera down. The mountain culture, the isolation, minimalism, all contributed to many ideas that I had. When I sat down to edit it I had hours and hours of footage. But the film seemed to edit itself and eventually what I created was something of a unique process for me. I usually like to be in control - this process, I used what I had.
I feel very proud of this film.
I hope to let you all know soon when it is finally finished.
The film is in French with English subtitles.
And I want to thank the wonderful musicians who were gracious enough to allow me to use their music in my film, particularly Nathalie Astruc who wrote the film's theme throughout the film:

Lamplight - Amour
Dubshack - A new Day
Alexandre Kinn - Dans la tete d'un homme
Nathalie Astruc - Stabbed

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